Still no arrests after 8 family members were killed ‘execution-style’ in Ohio

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PIKETON, Ohio – No arrests have been made in the three months following an Ohio massacre that left eight family members dead.

The cold-blooded nature of the “execution-style” killings in Piketon, Ohio left the small town rattled.

The victims, aged 16 to 44, were methodically shot in the head while sleeping at four residences, including a mother with a 4-day-old infant lying beside her, authorities said. The newborn, along with a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old, survived. The official said the killings happened before dawn.

The victims were identified as Hannah Gilley, 20; Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40; Christopher Rhoden Jr., 16; Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20; Dana Rhoden, 37; Gary Rhoden, 38; Hanna Rhoden, 19; and Kenneth Rhoden, 44.

“This was a preplanned execution of eight individuals,” state Attorney General Mike DeWine said. “It was a sophisticated operation and those who carried it out were trying to do everything they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution.”

The killer or killers were specifically going after the Rhoden family, Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader emphasized, though he didn’t say why.

Investigators are still working to determine who is responsible for the killings and why.

According to WCMH, despite the fact no arrests have been made in this high-profile case, investigators are working the case daily.

“We are working that case every day, I get daily briefings,” BCI Executive Director Tom Stickrath told WCMH.

Now, officials are hoping DNA evidence can open the door to investigative leads.

Family members told WBNS that they still fear for their lives.

“There’s still fear because we don’t know who [and] we don’t know why,” one family member who asked not to be identified told WBNS.

That family member fears the case will turn cold.

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