Hillary Clinton officially named Democratic presidential nominee

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Hillary Clinton at the CNN Democratic Town Hall on Monday, January 25. Credit: CNN

PHILADELPHIA– Hillary Clinton has officially been named the Democratic presidential nominee.

She is the first female presidential nominee of a major party in our country’s 240 year history.

Dan Kildee, Michigan’s Democratic Representative, told CNN on the floor of the convention that Hillary’s nomination is a moment in American history that “we should not take lightly or take for granted.”

“As a father of a daughter and a grandfather of a granddaughter, knowing that my daughter and my granddaughter will grow up in a country where that barrier has been broken is something that’s not just history for our nation but it’s personal,” Kildee said. “And I’ll remember it that way.”

The Secretary of State will be installed as the head of her party in Philadelphia as she seeks a third consecutive White House term for Democrats.

In November she will face off against the Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has taken a jump in the polls following last week’s convention in Cleveland, engaging Clinton in a close race.


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