“I think a family environment is essential,” 17-year-old hoping to be adopted before 18th birthday

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OKLAHOMA CITY - This 17-year-old boy is hoping to be adopted before his 18th birthday.

Jesse's passion for politics shines through in everything he does.

During a trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, Jesse told KFOR's Lacey Lett that although he is used to living in the country, he thinks living in a bigger city could give him the opportunity to explore his passion for politics.

"I was telling my DHS specialist that when we were driving to Oklahoma City that this is completely new to me," he said. "This memorial, the tall buildings - I'm not used to it, but I've always wanted to see myself in this environment."

"We were passing the Capitol building and I'm thinking to myself 'someday I may be working in that building,'” Jesse continued.

Until that day, this 17-year-old is looking at what he can do now to prepare himself for a career at our state Capitol or even beyond.

"Speech and debate class. I think that's going to be very vital for me if I look to be a politician some day," he said.

He already has a plan for his future.

"Start small first and then work my way up. I want to start local and if I can go from local to district to state to even national."

There's no doubt Jesse has the drive to do it.

But today is crunch time.

Jesse is one of more than one-thousand Oklahoma children who will age out of the system soon.

He'll be 18 in November.

"I think a family environment is essential in every person within their life," he said. "I think everyone should have that opportunity to have a family that's behind them to support them."

Right now he's hoping to get support through youth and family services.

He's working on becoming the youngest person to be accepted into their transitional living program.

"What if I can open doors and be a stepping stone for other 17 year olds that are in the situation like me. What if I can open doors?"

But right now he needs a door to open for him.

He is hoping a family will step up and give him stability as he becomes a man.

"When I lost my mother and father I definitely took them for granted and I look back now and I can't let that happen again," Jesse said.

If you're interested in adopting Jesse or learning more about the adoption process, DHS would love to hear from you.

Call them at (405)767-2955.

Click here for more information on adopting a child.

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