Oklahoma man accused of stabbing teenage co-worker to death

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Dakota Spainhower

BRISTOW, Okla. – An Oklahoma man who is accused of stabbing a teenage co-worker to death has been charged with first-degree murder.

On July 18, Dakota Spainhower, 21, asked Devin Lundberg, 17, for a ride home from the Pizza Hut where the two worked, according to court records obtained by the Tulsa World.

Spainhower told police that once the two arrived at his house, Lundberg allegedly attempted to stab him and demanded money from him.

Spainhower told investigators that is when he attempted to take the knife away from Lundberg and stabbed him in the chest and neck multiple times.

According to the Tulsa World, after stabbing Lundberg, Spainhower drove to a nearby county road and left Lundberg’s body under a bridge.

Spainhower’s mother reported him to police when he came home covered in blood.

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