102-year-old woman latest victim of ‘jugging’ crime trend

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HOUSTON, Texas – It’s a crime that is becoming all too common in the Houston area.

Police in Houston say they have seen a rise in ‘juggings’ recently.

‘Juggings’ refer to criminals specifically targeting bank and ATM customers and follow victims to their homes, work or stores in an attempt to get that cash.

“They follow you from the bank to another location then break into your car to get the money, or if that won’t work, they rob you,” Houston police Sgt. Arturo Bazan told KPRC.

Recently, police say thieves targeted a 102-year-old woman who was attacked and robbed in her own garage.

The victim told KPRC that she had just returned home from the bank and pulled into the garage when a young man grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her to the ground.

The thief made off with her purse and left her with broken ribs and several bumps and bruises.

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