Officials: Power surge causes issues with 911 operating system for two hours

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ENID, Okla. – An outage caused a headache for 911 dispatchers across the state on Wednesday morning.

Around 11 a.m. officials with the Enid Police Department say the state-wide 911 operating system was disabled.

However, AT&T says it was not a state-wide issue, adding that it affected calls in Enid, Shawnee and some other areas.

AT&T told officials that some type of power surge and a major fiber line cut in the Oklahoma City area were responsible for the outage.

As a result, the City of Enid and county dispatchers rerouted lines so that they could still receive calls.

Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County officials say their 911 systems are working fine.

“911 service is running normally following a power issue that temporarily affected some calls¬†Wednesday¬†morning in Enid, Shawnee and some other area emergency call centers. Affected centers rerouted calls and technicians quickly resolved the problem after isolating the power issue. We place the highest priority on the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. We apologize for this disruption in service,” a statement from an AT&T spokesperson read.

AT&T officials say they are still investigating the root cause that was related to a power issue in the Oklahoma City area. They say call routing was affected for approximately two hours.

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