Listen: 911 calls detail terrifying robbery, kidnapping at fast-food restaurant

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NEWNAN, Ga. – It was a terrifying ordeal for two fast-food workers in Georgia.

As the pair was closing Arby’s early Sunday morning, a robber came in the restaurant and held them at gunpoint.

Dispatcher: “What is your emergency?”

Employee: “We just got robbed at Arby’s”

Dispatcher: “On Bullsboro?”

Employee: “Yes, hurry up please! They kidnapped my manager.”

After taking the money, the robber tied up the employee and took the manager and her car.

According to WXIA, the employee was able to untie himself and call 911.

At the same time, the manager and the robber were traveling along I-85 when he ordered her to pull over so he could make a phone call.

She was able to hide in the grass and call 911.

“Please come get me! I’m afraid they’re going to drive by,” she told dispatchers.

She claims the robber needed the money for a child.

Authorities say they are still looking for the robber.