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Local businesses say Pokemon no!

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NORMAN, OK- Lunch time lines at Pepe Delgado's Restaurant in Norman can get very long.

So the restaurant's manager says, it is important for folks to pay attention to ordering food.  Not playing Pokemon Go on their smartphones.

To make sure Pokemon Go players get the message, management has placed a sign on the front door that reads: 'This is a Pokemon Free Zone'.

Manager Steven Villatoro says so far, patrons are getting the point.

"I haven't really had to kick anyone out, they usually don't stick around too long, but sometimes they still kind of clog things up a bit", says Villatoro.

When the staff is trying to wait on customers as quickly as possible, someone playing Pokemon and not paying attention can be a real problem.

"I've actually had a customer walk up to the register and I'm in the middle of taking their order, and they're sitting there playing Pokemon Go, and I'm trying to figure out what they want for their meal."

Norman Regional health system is so fed up with Pokemon players, they have banned the game from hospital grounds.

Norman Regional Spokesperson Melissa Heron tells Newschannel 4 the hospital system has petitioned the game's maker to erase their locations so it won't interfere with patient care.

Saying in a statement that reads in part: "Norman Regional Health System has applied for our three main locations to be removed from the game", going on to say, "We thank the public for understanding as Norman Regional's focus is on maintaining a healing environment for our patients."

An idea that resonates with avid Pokemon player Mayra Johnson.

"I definitely am respectful of places like that, I know that some cemeteries have locations, 'Poke Stops', but definitely stay away from things like that", says Johnson.

As for what Johnson thinks of the so called 'Pokemon Free Zone' at Pepe Delgado's, "I think that is kind of silly. I think it attracts business."

Johnson feels that allowing Pokemon Go is actually helping businesses not hurting them.

"I've been to a lot of restaurants where they will actually set up a lure module which attracts Pokemon to the area, and I think that's good for their business", says Johnson.

For now,  Johnson and her group of friends that love the game, plan to just work around the spots where playing is not allowed.