Man arrested for kidnapping, rape after holding woman against her will in Norman

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NORMAN, Okla. – A woman claims she was held against her will at a property that used to be a petting zoo.

"We just heard a cop saying come out with your hands up, come out with your hands up, just repeating it several times,” Tisha Sipes, who lives near what used to be the Little River Zoo, said.

That’s the frightening sound Sipes heard Thursday night coming from the property near her home.

"Here within the last week I've seen all these signs, no trespassing signs, but there was lots, like 10, and then I've seen more and more people coming in and out. Once it closed down I didn't even think anybody lived there,” Sipes said.

However, somebody does. Police say they were told a woman who had been kidnapped was being held there.

"Officers went to the scene. They were able to make it onto the property, knock on the door of the residence. The female did answer the door, did confirm that she was being held against her will,” Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department said.

She warned officers that the suspect, 37-year-old Larry Dale Rouse who was asleep at the time, had guns and possibly explosives inside the house.

"We initiated our swat team and hazardous devices unit. They came on scene and began negotiating with that individual,” Jensen said.

Officers eventually arrested Rouse who faces several charges, including rape.

Guns were found on the property but luckily no explosives.

"This was an intense situation especially when you have the knowledge that there are potentially explosives and lots of guns and ammunition in these homes and residence on this property, so it was great work by our officers to be able to negotiate this individual out peacefully,” Jensen said.

Still, it made for a scary experience for the victim and those who live close by.

"It's never happened before out there or anywhere around here,” Sipes said.

Rouse is facing multiple charges including possession of a firearm after a previous felony conviction.

At this time, we don’t know if he and the victim knew each other.