“They come in, did their laundry, fixed them something to drink,” thieves makes themselves at home before stealing tools

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MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla.-- A man comes home to find someone not only broke into his house, but they made themselves at home and even stayed the night.

It's not the three little bears, and this is no cottage. However, the stories are similar.

"They come in, did their laundry, fixed them something to drink," Tom Ledgerwood said.

Earlier this week Ledgerwood was bailing hay at his mother’s house. While he was at work, so was someone else, and his security cameras caught them in action – twice.

The thieves’ first visit was a couple of weeks ago.

"They stole a power washer. They stole a 110 air conditioner, a frame and nail gun,” he said. “They stole my bag of Ryobi drills."

Surveillance video captures them first time loading up everything into the back of a gold colored pickup truck.

This week they came back.

"I have no idea,” Ledgerwood said. “I have no idea what two couples would be doing in my house. I guess looking for a place to party."

The second time, two men and two women hopped the fence and stayed awhile. One couple left the next morning.

"The next couple stayed until four clock the next afternoon so they were there for 12 hours,” he said.

And they took a few more things with them when they left. McClain County authorities say the area where Ledgewood lives near casinos is a hot spot for thieves, and most of the property they steal ends up at pawn shops or flea markets.

“It is a problem,” McClain County Detective Dana Guthrie said. “People are from the casinos or visiting the casinos, and they see a chance or opportunity to make a little extra money and they burglarize the businesses. “

As for the latest case, Ledgewood is still puzzled.

“Couldn't afford a hotel room. I don't know, but its aggravating,” he said.

Thousands of dollars of tools and equipment might be gone, but....

"They made the beds when they left,” Ledgewood said.

A bed investigators say if caught they will have to lie in.

Authorities say they have an idea of who one of the suspects is, but they need help identifying the others.