“It was very devastating,” Oklahoma mom’s car stolen from driveway

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OKLAHOMA - An Oklahoma mom needs your help, after a pair of bold crooks sped off in her SUV.

There aren't a lot of leads to go on, but she's hoping someone can help.

"As far as it being locked, it doesn't matter. If someone wants to get inside, they can," said Jennifer Nassar.

That's something Nassar knows firsthand.

Someone stole her car right out of her driveway.

"It was very devastating, because you go to bed with a car and you wake up and it's gone. You expect for your stuff to still be there. We work hard for what we have, and it just stinks when someone comes and takes it from you," she said.

Nassar has cameras scouring her property but was only able to get one glimpse of the car crooks.

Around 5:30 a.m., two men show up on video.

"They broke into my boyfriends work truck and found the spare key in that," she said.

New, blue and gone in a matter of minutes.

Nassar's 6-month-old Nissan Murano is now home to a new driver.

The rightful owner said these types of thefts are becoming too common in her neighborhood.

"After we rebuilt and moved back in after the tornado, there has been thieves just running amuck. We've had our car broken into several times. The neighbors have all had stuff stolen. It's been kinda of mess," she said.

She hoping police can catch the crooks before they strike again.

"They've got the keys to the other car. Hopefully, they don't come steal it, too," she said.

And, the crooks didn't just get away with the car.

Nassar had expensive golf clubs and her daughter's softball equipment inside, all adding up to more than $4,000.

If you can help, call Oklahoma City police.

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