Oklahoma City man facing charges after allegedly threatening hospital, neighbors

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is facing several charges after making terroristic threats, including one that targeted a hospital.

Donald Frederick Ray, Jr., of Oklahoma City, is accused of calling a healthcare facility in Ponca City and making several violent threats.

Dispatch: "Ponca City 911."

Caller: "We have someone who has called administration. They are still on the phone, and they are making threats to execute people.”

Caller: "We're not sure what to do. We still have him on the phone, and he's just rambling and rambling, but he's making a lot of serious threats."

Authorities said Ray allegedly said "You must realize I'm the most powerful man on the planet, and I'm coming to get your relatives, and they aren't going to have any tongues and hands, and they'll get dropped off at your hospital."

However, calling a hospital in Kay County wouldn't be the first time authorities said Ray made threats like this, and his neighbors said it happens often.

"You can hear him,” one resident said. “You can hear him just going at it."

On a few different occasions, authorities said Ray told his neighbor "I will push a button on my computer and blow your house up" and "I will go get a shotgun and shoot all of you."

The same day, he was accused of making threats against and throwing bricks at someone trying to mow a nearby lawn.

When police arrived, he reportedly told them he "owns the state Capitol" and officers could "call Mary Fallin to verify."

Two days later, Kay County authorities got a search warrant for Ray.

When police showed up again at his Oklahoma City home, he refused to come out and holed himself up inside his house for about an hour.

"At that point, because of the open warrant that he had and the three open cases, we went ahead and called our tactical unit out,” said Oklahoma City Capt. Paco Balderrama.

Ray was finally taken into custody and is now facing several charges for terrorism hoax.

"You see what's going on across the country and across the world, and you have to take threats like this very, very seriously,” Balderrama said.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

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