Stray pit bull saves stranger from attacker, stabbed five times

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – When officers responded to a domestic disturbance in Georgia, they were stunned by what they found.

Police told WATE that a man was attacking a woman and there was no one around to help.  Well, there was someone there to help, but it wasn’t a person.

A 7-year-old pit bull, who is a stray, stumbled upon the scene and got involved.

The dog jumped in front of the man, separating him from the woman. In the process, he was stabbed five times.

Once police arrived, they learned about the dog’s heroic actions for a complete stranger.

The officers brought the dog to a veterinarian, where he underwent multiple surgeries.

Now, the dog, who has been named Hero, is looking for a home.

“He has had a really rough life. He has had a bum back leg and a bum front leg, but he gets around fine and he’s looking for a good friend,” said Carla Welch, who runs a pit bull rescue.

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