“It`s a nuisance, it`s ugly,” Oklahoma families fed up with drive-by littering

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Out in the picturesque country just east of Lake Thunderbird, dotted along the side of the road you'll find personal ads, political messages...and trash, lots of it.

"One thing that we noticed consistently since we've been here," noted Jarryd Robinson, who lives off Harrah Rd. "People just tend to throw stuff out."

Small cans and cups aside, neighbors frequently spot full bags of trash left behind.

"Everybody wants their homes to look nice, and everybody wants to keep the value that`s in their home," said Robinson. "Having trash around just doesn`t help anybody."

The trash trouble is now filling online forums in the area, a conversation sparked in part by longtime resident, Randy Fowler's, post.

Randy and his wife have lived out in the country for six years, building an oasis that's occasionally marred by filth.

"I`m just upset, nobody takes any pride or respect enough for anybody else," he said. "It's just tacky looking you know, I live out here because I like my pasture."

Given it's rural location, residents say clean up is largely up to them.

Many families have installed cameras, in hopes of catching someone in the act.

"Not a lot of sheriff`s that run around out here," said Fowler. "You come out here and you see trash everywhere, it`s a nuisance, it`s ugly."

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