“We started to figure out it was something pretty serious,” Stroud girl battling childhood bone cancer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Dani has loved riding horses since she was a toddler, but she has not been in the saddle for some time.

Instead, Dani has been battling a form of childhood bone cancer.

Her dad says Dani has always been active and loved the outdoors, so her parents were concerned when she started to slow down.

"She started complaining about her knee," said Valerie Killman, Dani's mom.

At first, her mom and dad thought it might just be growing pains, but then Dani began to limp.

"We started to figure out it was something pretty serious," says Killman.

The family took Dani to their pediatrician, who eventually sent the family to the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer.

Tests confirmed what no parent ever wants to hear.

"It was diagnosed as osteosarcoma," says Dr. Surj Pratap, Dani's doctor. "It is one of the commonest primary bone tumors."

A team of specialists at Jimmy Everest had to perform surgery to remove the cancer from Dani's knee.

Then came another shock for the family.

They realized the cancer had spread to Dani's lungs.

Tuesday at 5 p.m., more on the critical step doctors had to take to give this little girl a fighting chance.

"Kids With Courage" is sponsored by the Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer.

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