Cost of school supply lists piling up for Oklahoma families

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kids across the state are heading back to school, and parents are feeling the pinch in their wallets.

Kristy Warren spent Wednesday morning shopping for her grandchildren in Oklahoma City and Luther.

"It's a team effort. We have grandparents on both sides and everyone in the house looking for everything they need on the list. I'm spending my lunch hour doing this," Warren said.

As the school supply list goes on, the total keeps climbing.

Many parents are scratching their heads with the latest school supply list for Oklahoma City.

There are the typical things like binders, pens and pencils, but there are a few additions this year.

"Kleenex and paper towels and ordinary stuff you would think the school would just buy and have on hand as part of their supplies for the kids,” Warren said.

We checked out every supply on the Fillmore Elementary School's second grade list, including two bottles of hand soap, six rolls of paper towels and four packages of copy paper.

After spending $1 for composition notebooks, $2.52 for six spiral notebooks and $1.97 for markers, the total came to around $100.

That's a big hit for parents, especially those in a school district with a high poverty rate.

Annie Maynard is buying supplies for her two children and said she has had to resort to online shopping for some of the supplies.

"A lot of our school supplies list calls out specific brands to purchase, so you can't deviate to one location to purchase what you're buying,” Maynard said.

For some, it's getting to be too much.

"In the budget crisis that we're in where we can let go of teachers, we need to be taking a look at the administrative tier and superintendent's tier and, if we can do without teachers, we can do without a couple of them, too,” Warren said.

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