Authorities across the metro searching for alleged car wash burglar

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Law enforcement agencies across the metro are on the hunt for a man making off with piles of quarters, while causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Criminals have been searching for change all summer long, targeting car washes around town. One of these alleged thieves is now wanted by two separate police departments after being spotted on two separate surveillance systems.

John Edwards is the owner of 'Wash Me' in south Oklahoma City, which has been burgled time and time again.

He was most recently targeted last month when a man in a red truck stopped by the car wash.

"He's just trying to get into machines, he tried kicking my front door in, he tried kicking my back door in," said Edwards.

As quickly as the man came, he was gone, speeding away in a bright red truck that's been seen around town.

"Apparently, they were also involved in several other crimes in the Midwest City area," said Capt. Paco Balderrama, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

A video shared weeks before by Midwest City police seemed awfully familiar to John, showing a man stealing change.

"They had the same truck," said Edwards. "So I contacted Midwest City, and turned over everything that I had."

For all the work between the two burglaries, authorities believe the alleged suspect made away with only $10 to $15.

"Obviously, that's not a lot of money," said Balderrama. "Not worth the felony conviction and to possibly be sent to prison for a meaningless burglary such as this one."

Anyone with information should contact Midwest City police.

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