Enid official investigate wire fraud

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ENID, Okla.-- A city in Oklahoma is the target of wire fraud.

Enid officials just recently found out about the crime. You can call it a $36,850 dollar mistake.

“I just call it a first class case of being deceived,” said Steve Kimes, City of Enid.

He says the fraud all took place electronically.

“One of our accountants got an email and it looked like it came from her boss. It said to wire money to an account in Florida,” he said.

According to police reports that accountant had never wired money before. That task was usually done by a supervisor.

“She contacted the supervisor but supervisor was on vacation and couldn`t be reached,” said Kime.

He says the accountant transferred $36,850 to an LLC in Florida. According to police reports she thought the money was going to a company involved with the city's landfill. The next day she asked her boss about the transfer. The supervisor informed the accountant that an email was never sent.

That`s when the investigation started. City officials immediately contacted police and the city's bank. The bank was able to put freeze the account the money was transferred to in Florida.

After realizing the fraud, the accountant went back and inspected the fake email. That’s when she noticed the problem, a lower case "r" in the @enid.org address.

“So if you glanced at it, it looked like the email address that you see several times a day,” said Kime. “These individuals went through a great deal of trouble to make this work. They had to know the supervisor’s name and email and really government procedure.”

Enid police are working with other agencies outside of the state in their investigation. The city is hoping to get back whatever money is left in the Florida account.

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