Jeopardy auditions held in downtown Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Tuesday and Wednesday, America’s favorite quiz show, Jeopardy, is hosting auditions in downtown Oklahoma City.

All potential contestants, both local and out of state, were randomly selected and invited to audition after passing an online test.

It's a chance of a lifetime for trivia lovers to make it on the classic game show with a twist, Jeopardy, on TV since 1964.

“It’s a multi-generational event in most households. They're watching it with their grandparents, their mothers, their kids. All three generations watching together, and they're learning," said Maggie Speak, Jeopardy producer.

"If you're a trivia lover, this is really the Valhalla of trivia," said Wren Allen.

Allen traveled all the way from New Mexico to audition in Oklahoma City, hoping to put her knowledge of geography and history to the test.

"For the longest time, I would just be cooking dinner while it was playing in the other room shouting things like 'Genghis Khan!'" Allen said.

Oklahomans are fighting for their chance, too.

"It's a way to keep your brain going. It's always fun to see if you know something or to learn something you haven't heard it before," said Linda Corbin-Young, Broken Arrow resident.

Each season, nearly 70,000 adults take the online test.

Only a few thousand of those folks get invited to audition in person.

Then that gets narrowed down to approximately 400 contestants who actually make it onto the show.

Corbin-Young hopes to be one of the lucky ones but is thankful to have made it this far.

"Just the fun of it. Just to have bragging rights to say I made it this far for Jeopardy," Corbin-Young said.

The contestants are competing to be on season 33 and possibly 34 of Jeopardy.

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