Oklahoma teen looking for a stable, loving family to call his own

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OKLAHOMA CITY - What may sound like a basic necessity for most children is actually a luxury for one Oklahoma teenager.

"Because I need to have a roof on top of my head and have three meals a day and have a bed to lay on, clothes,” Timmy said.

Timmy, who lives in a group home, just turned 14-years-old and is ready for a real home.

"Actually, I've been in DHS since I was 3,” Timmy said. "Because I don't really have any other family to live with."

When he's not thinking about his future home, he likes to build things, listen to music and learn about science.

"Like to play video games, listen to music, dance, sing, play with toys, and play with LEGOs, like to build,” Timmy said.

He says he enjoys all types of music except opera.

Timmy says that while he's attending college, he wants to work at a comic book store.

For now, he's keeping his future career options open, saying he would like to be a football player, basketball player, architect or maybe even a rapper.

"A video game designer," he added.

If you're interested in adopting Timmy or learning more about the adoption process, DHS would love to hear from you.

Call them at (405) 767-2955.

Visit http://www.okdhs.org/ for more information on adopting a child.

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