His music career didn’t work out but this Oklahoma City furniture maker found another kind of music in wood

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- If there's anything a carpenter or carver learns when working with wood, you can't force it.

You can't go against the grain.

If you do, whatever you're building is likely to fall apart.

"I've destroyed many an expensive board trying to make it do something it didn't want to do," says Jarrett Maxwell.

Jarrett is a self-taught wood worker. He went to college for music and composition.

He worked in an office for a few years and just about went crazy.

Jarrett finally found his own grain by building and learning on his own.

"I just began pursuing it," he says, "and reading about it and studying it."

Maxwell was always good at geometry.

His family tree is full of carpenters he didn't even know about.

So it shouldn't have been a surprise that music and angles would finally fit together in a place like this.

Jarrett says, "For me, the overall, most important part of the piece is the architecture. It's the structure of it, and then the way the detail accentuate that and fill it in."

He calls his business Geometric Innovations.

Like the corner of a building, or the straight lines of a musical score sheet, his pieces have firm boundaries.

Within those boundaries is endless variation, a kind of music in wood.

Maxwell continues, "Tension and release in the music, consonance and dissonance."

"I heard a quote once from some famous person that architecture is frozen music."

You can't here this kind of music with your ears but it's there like a conductor's score if you can read it.

Jarrett Maxwell continues to compose, no longer against the grain, but with the music that was waiting there for him all along.

To see more of Jarrett Maxwell's work or to find out more about Geometric Innovations go to GEOMETRICINNOVATIONS.com

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