“I pretty much gave my one flush away,” main break leads to water worries in several towns

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BLANCHARD, Okla.-- After working out in the hot summer sun, many came home Tuesday to find their water source had seemingly run dry.

"I have to smile, it does no use to get really upset," said Roland Whitehurst, who lives in northern Blanchard.

Roland's decided to smile through the thirst, after coming home to find his water wouldn't run.

"Got home about 3:30, came in, went to the restroom, and noticed nothing flushing," he said.

This story is all too familiar in the neighborhood.

"I pretty much gave my one flush away," said Diane Maturo, who lives across the street.

Diane's living off bottled water and whatever she's been able to save since Tuesday afternoon.

All of this is the result of a water main break miles away.

"There was a water main break in Dibble," explained Robert Floyd, Blanchard City Manager. "That apparently drained the water towers of the city of Newcastle, which in turn affected us."

Newcastle supplies water to a number of towns in the region. After untold gallons flowed from the leak, Newcastle, Blanchard, and Dibble have all banned outdoor watering.

"That includes car washes, watering lawns, filling swimming pools," said Floyd.

Those suffering from low to no water, are located in the northern Blanchard area.

The town's fire department has been providing water for anyone in need.

Late Wednesday afternoon, water did return to most neighborhoods, but only just.

"We have very very low pressure," said Maturo.

As she waits for water pressure to return, Diane's filling pots and pans, and is excited for the prospect of a fresh shower.

The line was accidentally cut by a construction crew. Officials say water pressure should be fully back by the end of the week.

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