Man arrested after allegedly hitting multiple female joggers with van

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A man is arrested after targeting and attempting to attack several female joggers.

“I heard him accelerate, and then he plowed into us. Dani was running on the right, and I was on the left of the car. So, he hit her straight on,” said Natalia Clark.

That was when Danielle Johnson and Clark first told us about a driver running into them during their jog on Shartel Avenue, slamming them to the ground.

Now, about a month and a half later, the suspect, Jerry Thompson, is behind bars.

It’s all because he bragged to a friend who was already in jail.

“I think it definitely helps the process of being able to move on and figure out why it happened and what type of person would do something like this,” Johnson said.

It wasn’t just Clark and Johnson he went after, but Thompson allegedly started following another female jogger a few hours later at N.W. 13th Street and Ellison.

This time, he pulled out a gun.

“The detectives did a great job. They worked really hard trying to follow up on leads. They really worked hard at keeping us in the loop,” Clark said.

That’s something Clark and Johnson are thankful for, because they said the weeks since the incident haven’t been easy.

"It's been emotional. I think I had to go through a lot of feelings, some of the fear and, you know, did I make a mistake, was I personally wrong, why did we get targeted?” Clark said.

"It definitely changed how I looked at things, just how I looked at the world,” Johnson said.

However, that hasn’t stopped the two from trying to be strong.

They said this closure is the final piece to the puzzle they needed.

"Natalia, she ran a half marathon,” Johnson said.

“I was training for one, and I didn't want what he did to me to affect who I was and affect what I was planning on doing,” Clark said.

The two said, since the incident, they’ve changed up how the exercise.

Some days, they’ll run in groups and, others, they’ll run inside on the treadmill.

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