Metro woman out thousands after matchmaking service mishap

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- A metro woman says she paid thousands of dollars hoping to find love, and when that didn’t happen, she sued the matchmaking company to get her money back.

"Someone at a church told me about it, that this was an upscale matchmaking service not a dating service, but a matchmaking service,” Jane Wood said.

It seemed like a legitimate place to start.

Wood is a retired university teacher and in her late sixties. While her time is valuable, she didn't want to spend it alone and decided to give Ambiance Matchmaking services a try.

Ambiance Matchmaking claims to have offices in Chicago, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

"According to the contract that I signed, there should be one to two matches each month,” she said.

It was an extensive process that included a two and a half hour interview and nearly four thousand dollars. Wood also had to sign a contract. She thought for certain the company could match her with someone.

"They said yes they did, and they had several gentlemen in mind,” Wood said.

But when several months passed with no matches, she contacted the company and asked for a refund. They said no.

"So from there I went to small claims court. Won the case,” she said.

However, she was never paid. So she took matters into her own hands.

"I did go to the courthouse and get a garnishment form and had her wages, attempted to have her checking account garnished,” Wood said. “But evidently she closed her checking account."

NewsChannel 4 went to the address Ambiance lists as their online office, but it hasn't been there for a year.

We were told they only used the space as a virtual office, meaning they sometimes used the conference rooms but never actually did business there. We also called the number provided on their website and left messages. Tracking them down isn't easy, but the important thing is Wood has a judgment.

"As long as she has that judgment then she has the Oklahoma statutes that she can use to bring the debtor in to the hearing on assets to find out what they have so she can collect on her judgment,” Attorney Matt Dobson of Lee, Goodwin, Lee, Lewis and Dobson said.

In the end, even if Wood never sees her money again, she hopes to save someone else the heartache of no date and no refund.

"I definitely want to make other people aware of this,” she said.

This isn’t the only complaint against Ambiance Matchmaking. Another client alleges the same claims and filed suit, as well.

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