‘We could tell something was wrong’: Carjacking victim describes robbery

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It was only supposed to be a quick lift down the street, to a Taco Bell less than a mile away.

Instead, two men ended up in a secluded, rural neighborhood, robbed of their cell phones, wallets and their vehicle.

"These people came up to me asking if I could give them a ride," said one of the victims, who did not want to be identified. "They said 'down the street, not even a mile away'" from the 7-Eleven on Rockwell and Melrose.

Originally, the man refused, but he changed his mind.

"They were walking shirtless," the man told NewsChannel 4. "They looked hot and sweaty so I thought, 'alright whatever, it's just down the street.' And then they started pulling some sketchy stuff on us."

The three men who had hitched a ride began changing their minds, the victim said, making different stops around the metro area, getting in and out of the vehicle.

"We could tell something was wrong when these two guys kept leaving the car and leaving one of them in the car with us," the victim said. "They came back acting different, saying other stuff 'oh never mind, we need to do this instead of doing that.'

"I think we were complying with them because we wanted them to get out of the car," he said. "We wanted to take them where they were going and not be involved with them any more."

But before they knew it, the man and his roommate had driven into what they describe as a secluded neighborhood.

"They told us to pull over and that's when they pulled the gun on us," he said. "He touched me with the gun, so I thought for a second when he touched me with the gun, I thought that was it for that half a second. Everything got surreal for a second."

The three men drove off in the car, firing a shot as they left.

The two victims knocked on the door of a nearby home and called police.

Officers used the vehicle's GPS to track it to a McDonald's on Council and Reno.

There they recovered most of the victims' belongings and brought three men into custody for questioning.

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