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A Home For Edmond Football

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For decades, Friday night lights in Edmond have been confined to University of Central Oklahoma’s Wantland Stadium. Now it is the end of an era.  High school football is going back to high school.

The coaches of Edmond High Schools are fired up about their new venue,

“This is awesome, all three schools have been playing at UCO, so this gives everybody a place to call home right now,” said Scott Burger Head Coach for Edmond North.

Justin Merideth of Edmond Memorial shares a similar mindset, “We all get to use it, it’s a source of pride for the community, the players, the booster clubs, the coaches. I mean it’s an amazing deal.”

A high school with its own football stadium, a luxury most campuses might take for granted.

Head Coach of the home team, Kyle White, knows what this mean for the Edmond Santa Fe community, “When you get your own stadium and it’s on campus, everybody’s pride level goes up. Being the home team it’s very exciting, our kids our players love going out and practicing on it, they love being in the stadium. They talk about it all the time.”

This fall all three Edmond schools will play most games at Santa Fe’s new stadium. It is the district’s 9.3 million dollar baby, and supposed to be the first of three. An exciting start, especially for the wolves, but how will cross town competitors react to sharing hostile territory?

“We’re all friends you know, the coaches, our assistant coaches, we pull for one another. There’s not any bad blood or anything.”

“You almost challenge them and say, hey let’s make this our home, let’s make this our house you want to challenge your parents your community, when we come here to play let’s make this our place. Let’s pack it out, let’s make it loud and let’s show our bulldog pride… and then again at the same time, it’s our Edmond house.”

“I think it says a lot about the future for football, I think it shows that Edmond is committed to football to their student to athletes to give them the best facilities around.

“We’ll get one at the other two high schools, it’s unbelievable, it’s a great thing for Edmond.”