K-9 officer uses scent to help lost 3-year-old find his way home

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A 3-year-old boy, dressed only in his pajamas, wandered out of his house early Monday morning while the rest of his family was still sleeping.

Officer Patrick Murphy with St. Paul Police and his K-9 partner, Sarik, found the boy walking barefoot through neighborhood streets.

The boy said he was lost and wanted to find his mommy.

Sarik went to work, using his nose to sniff out the boy's trail to help him find his way back.

Officer Murphy carried the boy because the pavement was hot on his feet.

"I got to the end of the alley and there was a toy truck in the front yard and there was a front door of the house. The screen door was closed and the interior door was open a little bit," Officer Murphy said.

Police say no charges will be filed against the boy's family.

K-9 Officer Sarik was rewarded with his favorite toy for finding the boy's home.