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Oklahoma man credits highway patrol trooper with saving his life

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CASHION, Okla. - Cary Duncan has already suffered three heart attacks, so when he started having pains on July 31, he knew what was happening.

“My chest was really heavy. And it was just over my heart, it was aching real bad,” said Duncan. “I knew I needed to get to the hospital bad.”

His wife, Vicki, got him in the car and they took off down Hwy 74F out of Cashion.

As they topped a hill doing 70 mph in a 55 mph zone, they saw the trooper and he pulled them over.

“I just said, 'My husband’s having a heart attack. I gotta get to the hospital now,” said Vicki Duncan.

Trooper Caleb Swickey said he could immediately tell something was wrong.

“He had his hand over him and he was kind of leaning back, trying to breathe,” said Swickey.

Swickey said one word – go.

And he got in front, lights flashing, escorting them all the way to The Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City.

He even assisted when they got there.

“I went in, got a wheelchair and put him in it, and pushed him in and gave him to the nurses, and then that was the last I saw of him,” said Swickey.

Until Thursday, when the trooper went to see Duncan at his Cashion home.

“You look a little better,” said Swickey to Duncan.

Duncan and his wife credit the trooper with saving his life.

“He saved my life no doubt. And then he didn’t give her a ticket, so that was a plus for me too,” said Duncan with a chuckle.

He can laugh about it now.

But doctors told Duncan his heart attack was one of the worst kind; they call it a widow maker.

But after a stint and lots of medication, Vicki Duncan still has her husband.

And they’re thanking the quick thinking trooper for helping make it happen.

“I’m glad I was able to be there and get you where you needed to go,” Swickey said to Duncan.

Vicki Duncan wrote a letter to Swickey’s boss, Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Thompson.

Thompson called Swickey to congratulate him on a job well done.