This Olympian’s grandma keeps a file on her medal winning grandson, cute pictures and embarrassing stories included

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ENID, OKLAHOMA -- The TV would be tuned to the Olympics even if she didn't have an extra reason to watch.

Pat Camp Rainey loves the Games, even a good beach volleyball match if swimming isn't on.

"I've had so many people tell me that it's so neat to know somebody that's there," she says.

Rainey watches for one swimmer in particular, just like she always has.

Her daughter's son is back stroker David Plummer.

Pat is part of an exclusive group of grandparents and TV viewers.

One of her own is an Olympian.

More exclusive yet, he's a medalist.

David won a backstroke bronze early in the first week of the Games.

Rainey says, "I told my daughter just last night when I talked to her. She just got into Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon. I told her I don't have any buttons left on any of my shirts."

Pat keeps a folder on all her grandchildren.

David's baby pictures, and school pictures are in there, as well as some of his press clippings from early in his swim career.

It's been a long one.

4 years ago David just missed the Olympic team.

Family, including David's wife urged him to keep going.

Pat's husband 'Gib' talked to him too.

"They talked quite a bit," she says.

If there is any disappointment to be found it's that 'Gib' didn't get a chance to see the Rio Games.

He passed away in 2013.

"No," Pat says. "He didn't get to see him win."

Trust a grandma to keep the cute pictures and to remember the embarrassing stories, recalling the time David's cousins put a dress on him for a family play.

"He was pretty," she giggles.

She's had a text from him already.

Pat Camp Rainey stays close to the television schedule and hopes for one more good swim.

Her grand baby is still there, and Pat's buttons are still popping.

In addition to a Bronze medal in the 100 meter backstroke, Plummer has a chance at a relay medal in the 4x200 meter medley relay.