Midwest City motor officer severely injured, but stable following accident

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A Friday afternoon accident severely  injures a Midwest City motor officer.

“There's a lot of people this was traumatic for,” Major Bob Cornelison said.

On Friday, Midwest City police picked up the pieces of an accident that involved one of their own.

"It was about 3:45 P.M. and one of our motor officers was actually responding to a call just down the street,” Cornelison said.

Cornelison says Sgt. Matthew Myers was driving his motorcycle unit in the southbound lane of Douglas Drive when he was hit by another vehicle.

Myers was initially unresponsive, but regained consciousness. Police say he is in stable condition.

"He was in the ambulance talking. He was alert, communicating with the paramedics and the fire personal,” Cornelison said.

Witnesses say they saw a vehicle pull out in front of Sgt. Myers, hit him, causing him to skid across the road.

"Oklahoma City police were called to have them come work the accident because we're involved,” Cornelison said.

It made for an emotional afternoon for everyone who responded to the scene.

“There's the person that was involved in the accident. That person is doing as well as to be expected and our course we have some witnesses too. Everybody stayed, everybody is being cooperative. But it's going to be traumatic for everybody that was involved,” Cornelison said.

The official cause of the accident is still under investigation.