Dental Board Suspends License of Tulsa Dentist Accused of Murder

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- The troubles just keep stacking up for Tulsa dentist, Bert Franklin.

On Wednesday, Oklahoma County district judge, Cindy Truong, denied Franklin’s bond request, calling him a danger to the community.

On Friday, the State Board of Dentistry, agreed.

“The board no longer feels that anyone can go into an office that he’s in and be safe,” said executive director, Susan Rogers.

Franklin was arrested in July after the death of his girlfriend’s son, 19 month old, Lincoln Lewis.

Lewis was rushed to the hospital where he later died of a skull fracture and brain bleed.

Doctors said it was the result of child abuse.

The State Board of Dentistry says they have been investigating allegations against Franklin’s Tulsa dental office since February.

Those allegations include hygienists forging prescriptions, Franklin writing prescriptions for someone who wasn’t a patient, shoddy work and even sex talk in the office.

One patient said while he was under nitrous oxide, but conscious, “Dr. Franklin and the dental assistant began saying “filthy sexual things.””

And another allegation has now turned into more criminal charges of obtaining money by fraud in Tulsa County.

The patient “authorized him to use a credit card to loan him $15,000. Dr. Franklin subsequently charged $30,000 on that same day, then charged an additional $20,000 and an additional $30,000 without her knowledge or consent.”

“He called her and said I’m desperate. You know, need some money to pay for some dental equipment and I’ll pay you right back,” said Rogers.

Franklin’s attorney has indicated they will ask for bond again at a later date.

“One of the questions we’ve been asked is can he return to practice if he makes bond? After today’s hearing, no he cannot,” said Rogers.

Franklin is facing eleven complaints for violations against the dental act and they could result in him losing his license permanently.

For now, this is just a temporary suspension.

If Franklin wanted to try and get his license back, he would have to request a hearing before the board.