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Employees find decapitated body inside Houston auto parts store

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HOUSTON, Texas – A 62-year-old Texas man is charged with the brutal murder of a man in an auto parts store.

Police told KTRK that employees at the Mykawa Auto Parts store found the body of 58-year-old Enayatolah Khorsand inside the store on Thursday evening.

Investigators say Khorsand was decapitated, but they don’t know of a motive for the attack.

Authorities say the horrific attack was captured on the store’s surveillance camera.

“I mean, after reviewing the cameras, the entire incident was caught on the cameras. He’s on camera decapitating and beating this man to his death. I don’t want to go into details but it was brutal. It was an incident and it was brutal,” said Det. Alex Vinogradov, with the Houston Police Department.

Officials charged 62-year-old Raymond Jackson with the crime, but he has not been taken into custody.

Authorities say he is known to hang around the Sunnyside area in Houston.