Dog found with bullet hole between the eyes finds forever home

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Update 09/03/2016

WARNING: Video contains graphic images. 

OKLAHOMA-- This weekend brought a happy ending for a canine who stared down the barrel of a .22 firearm and lived.

Du-Ci, the lab mix who was found with a bullet wound between his eyes has found his forever home.

He was adopted over the weekend. His new mom Wanda promised nothing bad would ever happen to him again.

At around two years old, Du-Ci's experienced more than most lap dogs. He walks around now with a head full of staples, and a heart of gold, excited for his new home.

He's on his road to recovery, after being spotted out in the country.

"Got a call from an individual who had found him on her property," said Sunshine Bush, with the OK Save a Dog Society. "I never want to see anything like that in my life."

Despite a wound too graphic for TV, Du-Ci remained improbably upbeat, as he was rushed to Shawnee Animal Hospital.

"He was wagging his tail, happy, no signs of any real problems," Dr. Daina Iman, with the Shawnee Animal Hospital.

His problem, was an apparent .22 caliber bullet, with fragments left behind.

"When the bullet went through the skin, it fractured the skull, and then kind of veered off to the side, and left a big hole," said Iman. "About an 8th of an inch from the brain, so it was really close."

From here it's a strict regimen of antibiotics, pain meds and lovin', till the society can find him a new home, far from the pain he once endured.

"There are rescues, there are pounds, there are vets that you can take and have it taken care of," said Bush. "There`s just no excuse for shooting a dog in the head."