Memphis Creating Football Fab Five With OKC Preps

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Known for Beale Street, barbeque and the mighty Mississippi.

But what bridges the Bluff City to OKC?

Try five local prep football players.

To be exact, ‘The Fab Five.’

Made up of P.C. West’s Nick Robinson, Norman North’s Cade Mashburn, Midwest City’s Evan Fields and the Southmoore combo of Quindon Lewis and Gervarrius Owens.

The University of Memphis recruited all five.

Gaining commitments from everyone, but Fields, but these boys didn’t exactly just meet.

“We’ve all been playing against each other for as long as anyone can remember, little league and everything,” Mashburn said.  “So we’ve been competing with each other.  We knew each other through sports.  We all just started texting each other, and made the kind of dream into the reality of playing with each other.  Then the whole ‘Fab Five’ became a real thing.”

The five say they love the Tigers family atmosphere and the possibility of playing early there, but the smell of Memphis’ cuisine may have drawn them in too.

“The city is just crazy,” Fields said.  “Something’s going on all the time.  The food.  The barbeque.  I think that’s the best barbeque I’ve ever had.”

“Of course the barbeque, and some ladies, but we aren’t going to go there yet,” Lewis said.  “The barbeque is good.  It’s kind of like Oklahoma.  It’s just home away from home.”

One of the easiest factor’s for ‘The Fab Five’s transition from here in Oklahoma City to over in Memphis is the fact the University offers six person suites.

So the guy’s plus one Tulsa area commit will all get to live together next year.

As is the case with most teenagers, on the subject of who’s bringing what furniture or supplies or who’s doing what chores came up naturally a debate started.

“We’re probably going to make Cade do the dishes,” Lewis said.  “Me and G will probably do a little vacuum.  That’s about it.  That’s about all we can do.  Evan will probably do the laundry or something.  Nick probably won’t do nothing.  Nick never does nothing.”

“It will be like a tv show,” Fields said.  “You know how they have those little shows on the Disney Channel where they’re always doing something crazy?  I think that’s what it will be like.”

Talk about timing too.

The program’s coming off one of its best years ever, and there’s talk the Tigers could join the Big 12.

A great possibility for this group of Okies.

“I do believe it could happen,” Mashburn said.  “It should happen because they bring a level of competition that is right up to par with everybody else.”

“Now we’re coming back, and playing the Texas teams, Oklahoma, OSU, so now your parents don’t have to travel too far to come watch you,” Owens said.  “They can see you do all that.”

They say the most rewarding part of their journey is still four years away.

After running together on the field a simple walk will be more than memorable.

“Graduating with people you’ve grown up with, being so happy for each other, everyone has a degree,” Owens said.  “That’s such a big deal.  To be able to apply with one of your friends that you’ve been walking with since you were little, that’s a blessing.”

“That’s like a dream come true graduating with your boys,” Robinson said.  “Playing with your boys for four years.  That’s a lifetime goal.”