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Oklahoma County Clerk’s race digs into candidates’ pasts

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Election season usually leads to a lot of campaign signs and fliers being posted around town, but some campaign fliers are raising eyebrows.

"I think it's dirty. I think it's past dirty. It's gone to a whole new low,” David Hooten, republican candidate for the Oklahoma County Clerk, said.

A mailer sent out shows republican candidate David Hooten's court records and mugshot from a DUI arrest in 2000, authorized and paid for by "Caudill for County Clerk."


However, Hooten points out that incumbent Carolynn Caudill was arrested and accused of the same crime in 2013.

"She's tried to drag me down to her level which is really sad and pathetic because honestly, she's the one who's had multiple DUI convictions and arrests," he said.

Caudill was arrested in 2013 after she allegedly hit a silver car while under the influence of alcohol.

Caudill, who was unavailable in person, says she doesn't like how messy the campaign has gotten.

"That's not how I like to do things, but we were just kind of forced into it,” Carolynn Caudill, incumbent for Oklahoma County Clerk, said.

"Some friends of mine found signs like we put out everywhere with my picture that's on my website with my DUI picture on both sides in my neighborhood," she said.

And with the runoff primary elections coming up Tuesday, it's not likely to get any easier for either candidate.

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