Oklahoma tornado victims help flood-ravaged Louisiana

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PIEDMONT, Okla. -- What may look like garage sale preparations is actually a mission of mercy.

Chris and Becky Wiebel are collecting donations for flood victims in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"We've said lots of prayers and I feel like the Lord has led us to serve and give back and that's what we're doing," Chris said.

The Wiebels know something about Mother Nature's fury.

In 2012, they lost everything when this nighttime tornado cut a swath of destruction through Woodward, Okla.

They were so moved by compassionate strangers, they knew this was their opportunity.

"The things we've gathered here give everyone a boost to start over again," he said.

They started with a post on social media. Five days later, who could have imagined their Piedmont garage would be filled with clothes, food and toys.

Even their 5-year-old son, Talon, is pitching in.

"He cleaned out his closet and toys. He wants to go and help out. He prayed for them last night too. It was sweet," Becky said.

The Wiebels are sorting everything, loading it onto a 24-foot long U-haul truck Friday night and embarking on a life-changing journey to Louisiana.

"We are going straight into the neighborhoods, knock on doors, and give out as much as we can for a few days, paying back. Paying it forward," he said.

Lending a helping hand in times of need. It is the Oklahoma standard.