2-year-old girl found alive in small pocket of air after boat capsizes in Florida

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An agonizing hours-long search for a girl less than 2-year-old, lost in the Indian River after her family's boat overturned, ended tears of joy.

COCOA, Fla. – It was a mother’s worst nightmare.

Tammy Bossare was on a boat with her husband and her two young children when they suddenly crashed.

The couple and their infant daughter were thrown from the boat as it capsized, but they couldn’t find their 2-year-old daughter.

Bossare told WESH that she jumped back into the water when she heard her daughter crying, but she couldn’t tell where the cries were coming from.

Two police officers jumped into the water and took turns diving under the boat to search for the girl.

Eventually, they found the girl floating in her life vest in a small pocket of air under the boat.


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