Echoes of the tragedy: The Edmond Post Office Massacre

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EDMOND, Okla. -- This past weekend marked the 30 year anniversary of one of the nation’s worst mass shootings - The Edmond Post Office Massacre.

A disgruntled post office employee armed with 3 handguns killed 14 people and then himself during a morning rampage.

Tuesday night Kevin Ogle takes a look back with a survivor and police who were on the scene that awful day as the eyes of the nation were transfixed and horrified at what happened inside the post office building on Broadway.

Those who escaped the gunfire remember friends who didn't.

"He was in the break room under a table. Pat Sherrill come in there and shot him,” remembers Jerry Reed who hid and then ran out of the building with a friend.  “Then he went out in the middle and killed himself. All that happened as we ran out the door."

Join Kevin Tuesday at 10 p.m. for more of this first-hand account and whether the police protocol at the time may have hindered law officers from stopping the killer before he all those lives were lost.

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