Duke University claims Aubrey McClendon estate owes the institution millions

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Duke University claims Aubrey McClendon’s estate owes the institution millions.

The former CEO of Chesapeake Energy died after his car slammed into a bridge on March 2.

Aubrey McClendon's Chevy Tahoe caught fire after running into an overpass embankment.

Aubrey McClendon’s Chevy Tahoe caught fire after running into an overpass embankment.

The accident occurred just one day after McClendon was indicted on conspiracy charges.

Those charges were dismissed after his death.

Since McClendon’s death, a long list of creditors have come forward with claims against the well-known oil executive, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Now, adding to that list is McClendon’s alma mater, Duke University.

Duke University claims McClendon pledged nearly $18.8 million to the institution before his death.

According to court documents, the university is demanding almost half of the unpaid charitable pledges.

Duke University claims McClendon’s estate owes $9.94 million for unfunded commitments to athletics, scholarships and campus improvement projects.

Duke released a statement to the Wall Street Journal calling McClendon one of Duke’s most generous alumni.

“This is a routine transaction that in no way diminishes Duke’s respect for the McClendon family and our gratitude for their relationship to Duke,” the university said in regards to the recent claim.

Throughout his life, McClendon donated more than $20 million to his alma mater.

Aubrey McClendon

Aubrey McClendon

The former oil tycoon’s debts reportedly total to about $500 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, lawyers for McClendon’s creditors have said the former billionaire left behind more debt than assets.