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Many families left homeless after early morning apartment fire in N.W. Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police and fire crews rescued residents from a second story building after a massive fire broke out in northwest Oklahoma City.

Around 3 a.m., a massive fire tore through the Brownstone Apartments near N.W. 28th and May.

Officials said around 20 people self-evacuated.

Others had to be rescued by fire crews and police officers.

"I open the door, the flames and the smoke just, so I slammed the door, and I was like 'Momma, get up,'" said Takia Harding.

Harding said she went into survival mode, throwing cushions and blankets out their second story window, hoping to create a safe landing for them to jump.

Moments later, police were yelling from below.

"I was like 'Can you please catch my son out this window? Please get my son,' and they caught my son," Harding said.

Officials said it was a 20-foot drop.

"This isn't really the kind of thing police officers are trained to do. This is the kind of thing where they have to think on the fly. Ultimately, it's one of those things where it's life or death. You have to do the thing that you have to do," said Lt. Jeff Spruill with the Oklahoma City Police Dept.

Fire officials believe they know the cause of the fire.

"Right now, it appears that one of the residents left a candle going on the first floor," said Battalion Chief Tommy Lago with the fire department.

Fire crews said the family responsible for leaving the candle burning had just moved into the apartment and had not had the electricity turned on yet.

The fire left many families homeless.

"We all made it out safely, and I really thank God because he's the one that woke us up. No one knocked on our door or nothing," Harding said.

The Red Cross is helping the displaced families.

Harding said her family lost everything.

If you’d like to donate clothes, toiletries, any necessities, call our station at 405-478-6395 and we will put you in contact with her family.