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“They will sure do it to people also,” Horse viciously stabbed to death in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Joan Manning woke up Thursday morning to a horrifying sight.

Her beloved spotted Apaloosa mare, named Tina, was lying motionless in a field in front of her home.

Tina had been viciously attacked, killed sometime during the overnight hours and left to die.

A veterinarian performed a necropsy before Manning buried Tina and determined she had been stabbed with a long object, such as sword or a long knife.

Manning is shocked such an act could have been carried out just yards from where she and her husband were sleeping.

"We had our gate closed and everything. They had to have climbed over the fence,” Manning said.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare investigators continue to comb the property looking for clues.

"There's blood spatter on the fence, so they're kind of wondering if this is where they had her first, where they tied her up maybe,” Manning said, pointing to a spot near a fence.

Manning said she has no idea who could have done this, but the family is worried the attackers could come back.

"There's something really sick with people that want to do this kind of thing,” Manning said.

Manning hopes whoever is responsible for carrying out the vicious attack is caught before they have the opportunity to strike again.

"If they will do it to animals, they will sure do it to people also,” Manning said.

As a safety measure, Manning said they are keeping their other horses locked in a barn at night with a security alarm set.

This is not the first attack on a horse in the area.

Oklahoma City police are looking into a possible connection between this attack and the stabbing death of another horse a few miles from the Manning property.

For now, police plan to increase patrols in the area.