“It smelled just like a sewer,” Guthrie says vandals to blame for waste found in nearby creek

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GUTHRIE, Okla.-- Residents dealt with a smelly situation this week.

City officials are investigating after sewage was found in Bird Creek on Thursday.

"It smelled just like a sewer," Former mayor Mark Spradlin said. "It was in the early afternoon when we first got the, the first whiff of it. Got a little bit of heat in the day and then we started smelling it.”

Together Spradlin and his neighbors followed their noses and wound up at the creek behind their homes.

Water that is usually clear to red was colored dark green and black.

"The creek was full of what appeared to be raw sewage and some oil. So, we alerted the city," Spradlin said.

Their suspicion was confirmed by the city.

There was indeed waste in the water that seemed to stretch about a mile.

"I was wondering how we got that much raw sewage in, and no one had found out about it yet," Spradlin said.

After a little investigating the city found the mess was the work of vandals.

Someone busted out nearby trail lights and moved a temporary sewer line near the creek.

"I don't know if you say anything to them or their parents. It's hard to justify anybody doing something like that just because they don't have anything to do. It's just not right," Spradlin said.

Luckily for the community, Thursday’s downpour and treatment by the city has the creek nearly back to normal.

The city said it notified DEQ of the situation.

City officials say they are still looking for the vandals.

If you see or hear anything suspicious give Guthrie Police a call.

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