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Soldier accused of stealing iPhone from Night Trips, busted by dancer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police reunite a single mother with her stolen iPhone.

In this case, the victim in the late night caper also played the role of lead detective.

According to Oklahoma City police, it was the end of a busy night at Night Trips dance club when a cab driver overheard two customers bragging about stealing an iPhone 6 from a dancer.

The victim, Larquitta Richardson, is a single mother who supports her two sons by working at Night Trips.

Richardson was frantic about trying to find her missing phone and desperate because she had turned off the locate 'Find My iPhone' app.

She enlisted the help of that cabbie and tracked down the suspects, following them all the way to Will Rogers World Airport at 3 in the morning.

"She was also quite lucky because the facts were right before her," said Oklahoma City Police Master Sergeant Gary Knight. "As she stepped out, she saw the taxi cab driver. He was able to tell her exactly where the men were."

According to the police report, the men are soldiers in the army.

They were headed to Ft. Hood from Ft. Sill in Lawton.

They were waiting on their flight at Will Rogers when Richardson showed up hot on their trail and steaming mad about her missing phone.

"She flagged down a police officer at the airport and told him what was going on. It was very shortly thereafter that they spotted the gentleman and he was taken into custody," Knight said.

Police arrested Michael Nigo on charges of grand larceny.

The friend who he was with ratted him out and escaped arrest.

Nigo never made his flight.

Four days after being arrested, he was still behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail.

Police immediately returned the phone to its rightful owner.