Stillwater mother claims she and 3 children were abused, held hostage

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STILLWATER, Okla. - A Stillwater mother claims she and her three children were held hostage and abused.

It was pandemonium at an apartment complex at 1815 N. Boomer Road Wednesday.

“Next thing I know we have an entire SWAT team standing there telling us to freeze, you know, put our hands up,” Joshua Kimble, a resident, said.

Police were looking for Shawan LaViolette, 34, and Octavia St. Julien, 26.

According to a court document, Breyannah Rivers said “she had been held captive for the last 6 months” by the two.

She told officers they “physically abused her 3 underage children and beat them on multiple occasions”.

Rivers also said she was “previously struck with a baseball bat on the lower right leg”.

“I never knew that he beat on her or nothing like that, but I know he was very honorary to her. Didn`t want her around her family, or nothing. Wouldn`t let her go nowhere,” Nancy Tippett, a family friend, said.

“I don’t think he did any of that. I`ve never known him to be a violent person,” neighbor Kimble said.

Rivers told police when she escaped she ran to a neighbors.

That is when officers were called.

Both LaViolette and St. Julien were arrested.

Later that day Rivers was taken into custody for child abuse.

"I don't feel like she should have been arrested,” Tippett said. “She needs her children. She loves her children. She just got herself in a bad predicament.”

Five kids lived in the apartment.

They are now in DHS custody.

LaViolette and Rivers are still in jail.

St. Julien is out on a PR bond.

NewsChannel 4 knocked on her apartment door Thursday, but no one answered.

Right now, it is unclear exactly why Rivers was arrested.

We are still waiting to hear back from Stillwater Police.

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