Stroke victim targeted by burglars while she’s bedridden in nursing home

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CUSHING, Okla. - Months after a Christmas day stroke, a woman's home is burglarized, while she's bedridden in a Cushing nursing home.

What's worse, the bulk of the items stolen were family heirlooms.

For Phyllis Martin, it was a cabinet of priceless knick knacks.

"Oh yes, she's crazy about those elephants, and there's a bunch of them," said Dolores Raffety, Phyllis' mother. "Glass elephants, pretty, all different sizes."

But Phyllis hasn't seen the cabinet since a cold Winter day last December.

"I think it was Christmas morning, or the day before Christmas," said Raffety. "She had that stroke. Her husband died the same day."

"Christmas day is when she had a stroke," chimed in Stephen Towry, Phyllis' son.

Stephen stayed at his mother's home for the next few months, and was the first to notice her priceless collection was missing.

"All her elephants, her vases, oil lamps, all kinds of things, things that have been in the family for a long time," he explained.

A whole room of Phyllis' house had been cleared out, the items packed tightly into her own trailer and towed away.

While the heirlooms are likely long gone, hope is not, as Phyllis improves bit by bit, day by day.

"She`s able to move her arm up, and before she couldn`t do nothing with it," said Raffety.

Stephen though has a warning for those who stole from his family at their worst time.

"I wouldn't know what I`d say to them," he explained. "It`s what I`d do."

Anyone with information should contact the Payne County Sheriff's Office.

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