Village Resident Takes Concerns About Power Outages to Corporation Commission

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Cheryl Steckler bought her washing machine at an estate sale a couple months ago.

She was forced to get a new one quickly after her old one got fried.

“Everything shut down and came back on and I didn’t have a washing machine after that,” said Steckler. “It was dead. It was the circuit board. It wouldn’t come on at all.”

Steckler says it’s a symptom of an ongoing problem in The Village; power outages.

OG&E refers to them as “blinks,” brief power outages that the company says protect the system from larger issues.

But those in The Village say it’s becoming a serious problem and they’re starting to speak out.

Steckler filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

“This is the perfect storm because now you know people are getting upset about it that they can’t continue to shovel it under the rug. They’re going to have to do something about it,” said Steckler.

Officials at the Corporation Commission say when they get a complaint like this, they can isolate the circuit and make sure it comes up to acceptable reliability standards.

“Reliable service is part of the requirement,” said spokesman, Matt Skinner.

OG&E tells us trees cause a lot of blinks and there is no shortage of large trees in the older neighborhoods of The Village.

“Their vegetation management is it’s technical term and that is part of the reliability standard. The utility has to show that it’s exercising proper vegetation management,” said Skinner.

Steckler is tired of the nuisance and hopes the problem is fixed before she has to replace any other appliances.

OG&E tells us they are doing ongoing work in the area to try and fix the problem including tree trimming, voltage inspections, replacing poles and repairing underground circuits.

They expect to trim the entire circuit in 2017.

If you have a problem that you want to report to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, go to their website, and click on the complaints tab on the home page.

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