New Oklahoma City Arts Center is home to art long before their official groundbreaking

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Move to a new place and the first thing you want to do is decorate.

Nick Bayer brought half of a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex to put up.

"Do you call him Rex," asks a visitor?

"We do call him Rex," smiles Bayer. "That's his name. This is our first dinosaur and we've actually made more since then."

Joe Slack brought a piece he welded together called 'Being There'.

"It's kind of based on the Peter Sellars movie," he says. "I like to watch. It's the one eye."

Beatriz Mayorca thought a little more practically. She placed three of their benches here on which people could actually sit.

"We are using a lot of the space in Oklahoma City that needs to be used," she says.

Over the past several months this green patch just east of 11th and Broadway in Oklahoma City has seen some interesting activity.

As the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center prepares to move uptown from the Fairgrounds, Curator Jennifer Scanlon started contacting local artists who had something in mind for their bigger space.

Scanlon says, "We wanted to reach out to Oklahoma artists and invite them to come and be a part of our new arts campus."

Joe Slack likes the way shifting shadows play with his sculptures.

Beatriz Mayorca considers the hard angles of man-made things and the rounder curves of nature.

Nick Bayer is just relieved his T-Rex keeps passing his physicals after so many people have stopped to take selfies and climb on him.

If getting a little attention is the purpost for what's about to happen here then mission accomplished.

From serious, to whimsical, to just place eye-catching, the Guerrilla Art Park has all those things without having to add a single gorilla.

For more information on the new Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and upcoming events planned there go to

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