“He was pulling this boat full of people like it was nothing!” Woman hunts massive alligator from Mississippi river

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VICKSBURG, MS - Tiffany Wienke doesn't back down to giant reptiles with razor-sharp teeth. In fact, she hunts them.

Mississippi's alligator hunting season just opened last week and Wienke just bagged a record-setting alligator.

Wienke had been out hunting for 20 hours when she came upon the monstrous 686-pound gator from Bayour Pierre River.

Her husband and a few others on the boat held on for dear life for two hours before hauling the massive beast into the boat.

"He ran us, literally crashed us into some trees, and bank-to-bank," Wienke said. "He was pulling this boat full of people like it was nothing."

It measured just an eighth-of-an-inch shy of 14 feet, earning Wienke bragging rights as the state record-holder.

"We're completely content with the fact that this will probably be the biggest alligator that we'll ever catch," Wienke said. "It's not gonna keep us from going back, but we're completely happy with this."

Wildlife officials believe gators up to 15 feet lurk beneath the river, though one has never been captured by hunters.

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