Kingfisher third grader delivers stuffed ‘hugs’ to a grieving community

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OKLAHOMA - When David Vallerand was killed Friday on a rain soaked interstate, a tidal wave of anguish swept over the small town of Okarche, Oklahoma.

Vallerand was the principal at the elementary school and beloved by everyone.

"Some of our teachers put out a call for teddy bears and things to help our kids cope through the tragedy we had," said superintendent Rob Friesen.

A day later, the cafeteria was a zoo of stuffed animals.

Eight-year-old Cara Mullins of Kingfisher heard about the accident and wanted to help.

Cara had been saving points at Dave and Busters for months, hoping to buy an expensive toy.

Instead, she bought bears.

"I was saving up for this, and I was like, wait, we should get that instead for all those little kids," Cara said. "And, we got 49 of them. We took all of them from Dave and Busters."

Cara and her family personally delivered them to Okarche Elementary.

"It didn't surprise me at all," said mom Jessica Mullins. "She's super sweet. She's always thinking about someone else, what she can do for other people."

When the folks at Dave and Busters learned of Cara's act of kindness, they donated a treasure chest of toys including a remote controlled motorcycle.

"No kind act should ever go unnoticed," said manager Chris Ash.

The third grader may never really know what her generosity did for the children in Okarche.

"I can honestly say from the way it turned out - put their hands on and give it a hug to say I've got something here to hold onto - for the next 40 years, they will have that teddy bear and say this is Mr. V. If that represented Mr. V, they've got a piece of him with them," Friesen said.

#OneKindThing from an 8-year-old is providing a lifetime of comfort for a grieving community.

Join us in sharing acts of kindness for the month of September.

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