Update: Family receives surprise, peace of mind

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Update 9/12/16 - Robin Strader is the proud new owner of a brand new Lennox heat and air unit.

“I mean, come on, this stuff doesn't happen to me,” she said. “It's very quiet and cools really nicely and it blows really hard.”

It’s also safe.

Remember the old one had a giant crack in it and Robin's home warranty wouldn't repair or replace the unit.

Robin was afraid it was going to cause a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I have my daughter-in-a-law and my three grand babies, that's the important thing, those three kids,” she said. “If anything happens to those kids.”

Robin can let out a big sigh of relief now thanks to the generosity of TS Heat and Air.

“Everything is brand new, double wall piping, [and] easy to change out,” Gabriel Flores said. “They brought everything to code, new copper lines.”

The old unit was installed incorrectly, so getting it out was tricky.

TS Heat and Air had to knock a hole in the wall.

Carpenter Casey Choate with Living in the 405 volunteered to frame and install a new door for the family.

“It's just what we do,” Choate said. “It's a community thing. We like helping out people.”

Once the door arrives they'll install it, but the heat & air unit already runs like a champ!

Robin has her peace of mind and her family is safe.

“Thank you for everything you've done for me,” she said. “You have blessed me beyond belief.”

OKLA. CITY - Our team is partnering up with Terry Shinn and TS Heat & Air to surprise Robin Strader with a new heat and air system.

Robin's 20 year old furnace has a big crack in it and her home warranty keeps denying her claims, because the damage supposedly happened before she owned the house.

“That was the reason it was denied the second time, because of pre-existing conditions,” Robin said.

We uncovered complaints against American Home Shield with the Better Business Bureau.

There are nearly 3,000 complaints closed just in the last year alone.

It’s important the repairs get done soon, because a crack in the furnace could cause a gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.

“I have my daughter-in-law and my three grand babies [living here]. That's the important thing, those three kids. If anything happens to those kids,” Robin said.

That is precisely the reason we asked TS Heat and Air to take a look at things.

The old system is way too old to repair.

A new system is on the way.

The install will happen in the coming week.

We’ll keep you posted on things.

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